The country got pretty emotional watching that Anthony Foley documentary last night

In the days where viewing habits are changing so much, it’s nice to know that TV can still occasionally provide a shared, communal experience for many people.

As families across the country hunkered down, the winds of ex-Hurricane Ophelia howling outside, a new RTÉ documentary recalled the untimely passing of Munster rugby legend Anthony Foley, one year on.

Emotions were pretty fragile for many by the end of it.

For many others, it was all too much - and it was time to bring the tissues out.

Twitter is certainly no stranger to a good ol’ bit of RTÉ bashing, but once the show was over, there was a lot of admiration for the programme makers for their honest approach.

The pair behind the programme were effusive in their reaction, just hoping they had done the big man justice.

There was one solitary Twitter user who cast count on why the man affectionately known as “Axel” deserved such plaudits - but it was more or less ignored, and we won’t give it the oxygen of publicity by displaying it here.

There’s always one, eh?

Elsewhere, with the storm knocking power out for thousands of households around the country, many didn’t get a chance to share in the experience.

Any chance of @rte repeating the #Axel documentary later in week

Thankfully it’s already up on the RTÉ Player for anyone who missed out.


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