More than 1.3 million TV3 viewers tuned in to see Ireland win the Grand Slam

TV3 have said that up to 1,328,000 people watched Ireland’s win against England in Twickenham on Saturday.

The match delivered an average audience of 951,000, making Ireland’s third Grand Slam victory the highest rating programme on Irish television this year.

Another 100,000 viewers tuned in to watch the Six Nations clash live on 3player.

Ireland’s Got Talent ‘Deliberation Day’ show on Saturday night delivered an average audience of 333,000 viewers, which alongside the NatWest 6 Nations coverage, contributed to a record-breaking, all day share of viewing of 35.4% for TV3 Group.

Bill Malone, Director of Programming said: "Ireland’s historic Grand Slam win over England at Twickenham on Saturday was the perfect ending to TV3’s first NatWest 6 Nations tournament.

"It truly was a national event, and with over 1.3 million viewers tuning in during the course of the game, it is the most watched television programme this year."

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