Watch Stephen Roche’s reaction when his bike is thrown from Blarney Castle

Bopworx is a company devoted to protecting bikes from knocks and scrapes while being packed up, transported or stored.

They came up with a challenge to prove their faith in their products - protect a bike from any damage when thrown from the top of Blarney Castle.

To further raise the stakes, they didn’t throw just any bike.

Instead they persuaded cycling star Stephen Roche to give them his priceless Battaglin bike. This is the machine that took him to Tour de France, Giro d'Italia and World Championship glory in 1987.

His face speaks a thousand words as the bike falls 100 feet .

Kudos to Bopworx. Not only does the bike survive unscathed but they also showcase the Cork landmark looking very well indeed.


By Grainne McGuinness

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