Watch: MidWest radio commentator reacts to final moments of All-Ireland draw

Yesterday's All-Ireland semi-final draw is arguably one of the most nailbiting games so far this year and the commentary on MidWest radio captured the hype just before the final whistle was blown, writes Ciara Phelan.

In the last minute of the game, Kerry's Bryan Sheehan lined up a free kick which he sent wide, shattering Kerry's hopes of securing their place in the All-Ireland final.

Up in the press box, Michael D. McAndrew and former Mayo manager Martin Carney were providing MidWest listeners with outstanding commentary of the game and needless to say they were thrilled when the ball failed to make it between the posts.

Michael D. Andrew takes a very funny over exaggerated deep breath as he awaits the outcome of Sheehan's free kick.

And when he realises the kick isn't a successful one, listeners got to hear his true love for Mayo.

"Yes it's going wide, go wide, go wide," he shouts while waving his arm in the air.

The pair will be back on the radio next Saturday for the replay.

You can listen to the final moments of the game below.

By Ciara Phelan

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