Watch James Harden secure the coolest three-pointer of the NBA season

It would be correct of Houston Rockets guard James Harden to write Wesley Johnson a formal letter of apology after the three-pointer he inflicted upon him.

The Rockets, top of the Western Conference, defeated the LA Clippers 105-92 to continue their winning streak as the season moves towards its close.

Many of those points came from the hands of Harden, but none more devastating than the three that came at the expense of Clippers forward Johnson.

“Clean up on aisle three, clean up on aisle three! Someone call someone, because there’s a clean up on aisle three as a man is down!” yelled the commentator.

Harden’s effort made it 31-7 to the Rockets, and while his pause before making the shot looked unusual, the 28-year-old said afterwards he was simply figuring out what had just happened.

“I was looking at him and he was looking at me,” said Harden. “I was waiting to figure out what was going on, I was confused.”

In fact, Harden had quite a good first half all round.

Come to think of it, perhaps an apology letter to the LA Clippers in general might be appropriate.

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