This super fan wears green to every Irish game...but it's not what you think

Shane Peppard is an Irish fan not many will know, but many will recognise him.

Nicknamed 'The Green Hulk', Shane wears green to all the games, but it isn't a jersey he puts on - it's green body paint!

Ireland sponsors Three met Shane and found out it was all about making memories for his kids.

"The first time we threw the paint on as the Hulk and Mini-Hulk would have been the Poland game," says Shane

"It was 2015, it was something my son wanted to do. We gave it a go and here we are today.

"It's really about making memories for my children. They'll look back and say'my Da was crazy'."

Shane has worn green all over the world, even getting through French customs with the paint on.

"When I put the green on, I feel like more than a fan. I actually feel part of the squad."

You have to applaud his effort.

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By Steve Neville

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