This baseball player spilled a fan’s nachos and what he did next is super cool

A baseball player has made up for spilling a fan’s nachos in style – by buying him new ones and presenting them to him during the game.

When attempting a tough catch past the foul zone during Monday’s game against the St Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs fielder Addison Russell knocked over an opposing fan’s nachos. Instead of standing up with ball in hand, he ended up with a fist full of nacho cheese.

After the collision, Russell can be seen requesting a towel to clean the nacho cheese off his hand.

All’s well that ends well, though. Later in the game, Russell kindly replaces the fan’s nachos, shaking hands with him and posing for a photo. Not bad considering the Cubs and the Cardinals are two of baseball’s bitterest rivals.

After the game was over, Russell shared his thoughts on the incident. It probably helped that his team went on to win the game at the Busch Stadium in St Louis.

Fans loved the tweet, responding enthusiastically.

If this story left you peckish, you’re not the only one.


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