Third inspection for Ayr as Sedgefield and Huntingdon get green light

Officials at Ayr will hold a further inspection of the track at 11.30am to determine whether racing can go ahead this afternoon.

This afternoon’s cards at Huntingdon and Sedgefield go ahead after escaping frost overnight.

It will be the third check at Ayr, after conditions were assessed yesterday afternoon and again this morning.

Clerk of the course Emma Marley said: “We are going to have another look later in the morning.

“We can’t make a decision at the moment, it was minus 1C and minus 2C overnight but we are forecast a nice dry sunny day, with the potential for 5C.

“That leads us to hope that with a start time for racing of 2.20 we will be able to go ahead.”

This afternoon’s card at Huntingdon goes ahead after escaping frost overnight.

A precautionary inspection had been scheduled for 8am with the forecast of a cold night.

But clerk of the course Sulekha Varma said: “It’s all fine, there’s no frost and the sun is out.

“Temperatures dipped a bit (after daylight) but it’s still above freezing.

At Sedgefield, a precautionary inspection had been planned for 8.30am but officials were able to cancel that check.

Clerk of the course Phil Tuck said: “Temperatures didn’t dip as low as forecast.

“It’s not going to be the warmest of days, with a bit of a wind chill and we might catch an odd shower, but we’re fine.”

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