Storm Brian a cause for concern for Fairyhouse officials

Officials at Fairyhouse are monitoring the weather ahead of tomorrow's fixture as Storm Brian threatens the meeting.

A decision will be taking at 8am on raceday as to whether the meeting will go ahead.

"We have been in contact with Met Eireann today and there's a probability of very strong winds tomorrow afternoon," said racecourse manager, Peter Roe.

"In the interests of the safety of horses, racing professionals and racegoers, and all those travelling to and from Fairyhouse tomorrow, in consultation with the clerk of the course, Brendan Sheridan, we have decided the best course of events is to make a more accurate judgement call at 8am tomorrow morning.

"By then Met Eireann will have up-to-date information on what course Storm Brian is taking and the likely strength of winds, and together with the clerk of the course, we will be able to make the most appropriate decision at that juncture."

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