Rugby referee knocked out with a punch after showing player a red card

An incident in a French Cup juniors game ended with a referee being taken to hospital for treatment.

Benjamin Casty was officiating at a match between Saint-Esteve and Toulouse and had reason to show a Saint-Esteve player a red card.

The player, who had reportedly only just returned from suspension, reacted violently to the sanction, punching Casty in the face and knocking him out.

Video clip courtesy of RugbyHighlightsHD.

The game was abandoned and the referee brought to hospital for treatment on his injured cheekbone and jaw.

The president of the French Rugby League Federation, Marc Palanques, condemned the incident and predicted a heavy punishment for the player involved.

"I hope that the National Disciplinary Commission, which will meet on Wednesday, will be uncompromising," said Palanques.

h/t: New Zealand Herald

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By Grainne McGuinness

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