Rain hits meeting at Ffos Las, Exeter to inspect

Tuesday’s meeting at Ffos Las has been abandoned due to a waterlogged track, while this afternoon’s meeting at Exeter is under threat from waterlogging also.

Course officials announced a 12pm inspection earlier this morning after a further five millimetres of rain fell overnight on already testing ground.

However, with the rain starting to fall again, clerk of the course Keith Ottesen decided to bring the inspection forward and has had no option but to draw stumps.

He said: "We had planned to look at midday, but it’s raining again now, it’s going to be a showery day and there’s more rain forecast for tomorrow.

"We decided we’d bring the inspection forward as it just isn’t going to improve sufficiently and it makes sense to call it off before declarations so everybody knows what they’re doing."

At Exeter, officials have called a 10am inspection ahead of this afternoon’s meeting.

The track is reported to be waterlogged in places after five millimetres of rain fell in just 45 minutes this morning.

A further eight millimetres fell overnight, leaving this afternoon’s seven-race card in the balance.



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