Philadelphia Eagles' Nick Foles made the call to run THAT gutsy Super Bowl play

Over the past season, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles has gone from a mere back-up to a Super Bowl champion and MVP.

Foles made history against the New England Patriots, becoming the first QB to throw and catch a touchdown pass in a Super Bowl, all on his way to winning American Football's biggest prize.

Foles' TD has already reached iconic levels with many seeing the trick play as the stand out moment from the game.

But it turns out that the play, which Foles called the 'Philly Special', has a backstory almost as impressive as the move itself.

First off, it was Foles himself who suggested making the play - a huge call for a one-time backup.

A clip released by Showtime programme Inside the NFL, shows the Eagles' coach Doug Pederson saying his side we're going for it, before Foles approaches him to suggest they use the 'Philly Special' play.

Pederson responds to Foles saying, "Let's do it," and the rest is history.

Even more interesting is that the trick play is also used at Foles’s old high school.

Foles attended Westlake High School in Texas where 'Philly Special' is known as the 'Money 5'.

Sam Ehlinger, a former Westlake QB who currently attends the University of Texas, ran the play twice in three seasons, as reported by the New York Times.

Ehlinger tweeted a video on Monday, showing him running the play - with the same result Foles had in the Super Bowl.

Ehlinger told the New York Times he did not know whether Westlake’s coach, Todd Dodge, had introduced the play to Foles.

Foles told a press conference on Monday that he had seen a clip of Ehlinger scoring on the play, saying: "I guess it’s a Westlake quarterback thing."


By Steve Neville

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