Pablo Zabaleta welcomed former team-mate Joe Hart to West Ham in his own way

After Joe Hart joined West Ham on a season-long loan, the two-time Premier League champion received quite the introduction from his former Manchester City colleague Pablo Zabaleta.

Taking part in training ahead of the 2017/18 season, where Hart will make his return to the Premier League after a year at Torino, Zabaleta was in no mood to go easy on his team-mate.

This is harsh, but what a goal.

The 32-year-old full-back was teed up before volleying superbly past the England goalkeeper, yelling: “Welcome to West Ham, my friend!”

It’s fair to say that fans of both Manchester City and West Ham appreciated the moment, with City fans missing him…

… and West Ham fans looking forward to watching him this season.

Some fans were a little concerned it wasn’t in Hart’s best interests to have a volley smashed past him at his new club.

So here are some brilliant saves to remind you what the 30-year-old can do.

Will Zabaleta and Hart help West Ham back into the top half of the league table?


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