NFL player sends defender flying with indomitable stiff arm in 75-yard touchdown

To stiff-arm is defined by Google as “to tackle or fend off by extending an arm rigidly”.

In case you’re unsure quite how that might look like, have no fear, because this example from Vance McDonald on his way to scoring a touchdown in the NFL is a pristine example.


The Pittsburgh Steelers tight end’s powerful fend-off on Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety Chris Conte paved the way for a 75-yard run to the end zone, which helped his team to a 30-27 win.

The remarkable play from the first quarter has been the talk of American footballers on social media too.

In fairness to poor Conte, he didn’t stand much of a chance, weighing 64lbs (29kg) less than McDonald according to ESPN.

McDonald said of the stiff arm after the match: “Punish him. Inflict as much force on him as possible. That’s the first thing I think of.

“I love contact. If a DB or a safety wants to take me up high, God bless him. Because I’m going to hit him hard. That’s my goal.”

Who’d be a defender eh?

- Press Association

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