McGregor admits 'slips of the tongue' after Mayweather accuses him of racist remarks

Conor McGregor has admitted he did suffer some "slips of the tongue" during a press conference with Floyd Mayweather despite denying the claims earlier this month writes Ciara Phelan.

The Notorious was accused by Mayweather of making racist remarks telling him to "dance for me boy" and described black people in a gym as "dancing monkeys."

In an interview that took place at the UFC performance centre earlier this month McGregor denied these claims stating he "would never disrespect any race" but he seemed to concede and retract his words while speaking to RTÉ Sport last night.

Conor McGregor during the Grand Arrival at Toshiba Plaza in Las Vegas. Pic: Sportsfile

"At the end of the day we are only human, we all have slips of the tongue, we all misread things and that’s it," he told RTÉ's Clare McNamara in Vegas.

"Overall I think it came full circle. We are two athletes who’ve dedicated our entire lives to this.

"We're going in to trade blows and fight for the entertainment of the public.

"It’s been one hell of a crazy build-up. We've been all over the world, there’s been so much build-up around it and then you're faced with a man.

"Although there’s been some downs and many ups, I’m just very happy now we’re here."

On the comments he made to Mayweather, McGregor said he was caught off guard when someone from the Mayweather team passed a remark in the crowd.

"When I originally walked up, one of his little hecklers that he has with him, his cheerleaders, they started saying something in the crowd. That kind of threw me. I did go at them but, look, it’s done now. The talking is over."

On the fight itself, McGregor told RTÉ Sport that he believes he could knock Mayweather out in the first round but would like to showcase some boxing skills for the fans.

"I believe he'll be down in the first, I believe I could finish him in the first or second round. Part of me wants to showcase some boxing skills. I may damage him, put him down for a count and then play a little bit, stretch it out, but we’ll see. I’ll have the option to finish it in the first round.

"I’m certainly a different fighter to the boxers he’s faced. We’re very confident. I have all the attributes and I look forward to going in and implementing them on Saturday night.

"Every time, we take over the city. It’s going to interesting to see how his crowd and his fans react because we roll in and we take over. I’m pleased that the Irish people have my back always."

Conor McGregor supporters prior to the Grand Arrival at Toshiba Plaza in Las Vegas. Pic: Sportsfile

By Ciara Phelan

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