Irish boxing community rallies around young boxer stabbed in Belfast

Amateur boxer Caoimhin Agyarko Hynes is recovering in hospital after being stabbed in the face in the early hours of Monday morning.

According to a report in the Belfast Telegraph, the 20-year-old was attacked by a group of men while on a night out in Belfast with his girlfriend.

Hynes was brought to hospital where he underwent surgery. His boxing club, Holy Trinity, shared pictures of the young man in recovery afterwards and described him as “lucky to be alive”.

His brother Eoaghan shared an update on his condition on Facebook, saying: “His surgery was successful, lucky enough missed the arteries and just caught a nerve but he is on the mend and recovering now.

“Please give us some time to rest and come to terms with that's happened. No family should ever have to go through this.”

Barry McGuigan and Katie Taylor were among those who posted messages of support for the young boxer, as did Carl Frampton.

Michael Hawkins, who is as a coach at Holy Trinity, told the BBC: “They have patched up the wound. It is just an inch or so away from the main artery.

“It is just a shock to the system. He went out for a night last night, he doesn’t drink, he doesn’t do anything else. He is a good lad. All the kids look up to him in the club.”

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