Henry tackles Savage over red card debate

Thierry Henry couldn’t keep a straight face last night as Robbie Savage of all people argued that the referee in the France – Honduras game was too lenient.

The pair were in the BBC studios for analysis of the game. Having often played against each other, the banter had started before the game even kicked off, with Henry rolling his eyes at the suggestion Savage had ever made life difficult for him during a game.

During the first half, both Wilson Palacios for Honduras and France’s Paul Pogba received yellow cards for a single incident. Palacios appeared to kick and stand on Pogba, which led to Pogba kicking out a leg while on the ground.

Henry felt that yellow was enough and a red card would have been very harsh on Pogba. He admitted this view was influenced by it being a player on his national team, but openly laughed at Robbie Savage taking the opposite view.

Savage was in no doubt that the referee had made the wrong decision.

“It’s a red card. He’s kicked out with his right foot. Watch his right foot.”

Henry could not let this pass:

“The ironic point of all of this is Robbie is asking for a red card. You asking for a red - come on Robbie,” he said.

We wonder if Henry the incident in the clip below during an international against Northern Ireland in mind.

Savage reacted to a challenge from Michael Hughes with a ferocity that made Pogba’s kick look very tame.

It is hard to blame Henry for laughing at his old sparring partner’s new-found commitment to the rules.

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