Grieving mother says Conor McGregor should apologize to road victims over video

The mother of Jake Brennan who died after being knocked down by a car in 2014 has criticised Conor McGregor over his driving.

Roseann Brennan set up a group called 'Jake's Legacy' after the six-year-old boy was killed in the hope of reducing speed limits to 30km/h in residential areas.

Jake Brennan.

Last night, she spoke to The Niall Boylan Show on Classic Hits 4FM about why she believes the UFC star owes the families of road traffic accidents an apology.

McGregor posted a video on his Instagram account of himself driving his car while recording a video on his mobile phone.

Driving out the compound these women are animals.

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The grieving mother said she believes his behaviour is "very irresponsible" and is taking away from the good work being done by herself and many organisations who are trying to reduce the amount of road accidents through awareness and legislation.

She believes he is a role model to many people and he must apologise for the video.

She said: "I call out Conor McGregor to publicly give an apology not to me but to the people that were seriously injured or killed on our roads.

"He (McGregor) is actually saying to them (his fans) it is cool to get in your car, drive, take a selfie and have no seat belt...this is undoing all our work trying to make our roads safe.

"He is being irresponsible and childish doing something that you'd expect of a teenager...I actually thought he was a clever man but I actually think he is stupid."

"Conor has so much of an influence, if he just used that he could do so much good being a proper role model...what is he playing at?"



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