Fina investigates Chinese doping violations

Swimming's world governing body says a small number of anti-doping violations by Chinese swimmers are being investigated.

A report in The Times on Thursday alleged five positive tests by Chinese swimmers had been covered up.

The sport's global governing body FINA said it was bound to confidentiality by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) code, but confirmed it is establishing whether any allegations require further investigation.

A FINA statement read: "There are a small number of cases of failed doping controls by Chinese swimmers currently being investigated under the jurisdiction of CHINADA, the WADA-recognised Chinese Anti-Doping Agency.

"FINA and WADA are both fully aware of these cases, but we are bound by confidentiality until the moment an athlete is actually banned.

"FINA reiterates its unequivocal commitment to upholding the WADA code and a desire to collaborate with WADA, as partners in the global fight against doping, to establish urgently whether any of the allegations made require further investigation.

"If the information we receive does merit further investigation, then FINA will leave no stone unturned in ensuring justice is served for the overwhelming majority of aquatics athletes who are clean."

WADA said on Wednesday it would investigate allegations of systematic doping in Russian swimming.

The global anti-doping authority will examine the independent report it commissioned which revealed systemic performance-enhancing drugs use in Russian athletics before deciding whether to widen the inquiry.

It will look for corroborating evidence and whether there is new material in swimming before determining the level of investigation.

Russian athletes are currently suspended by the IAAF, athletics' world governing body, and a report in The Times on Wednesday alleged systemic doping was taking place in Russian swimming.

WADA Spokesman Ben Nichols said: "These are very serious allegations concerning Chinese swimming that warrant further examination.

"WADA is now fully scrutinising the information that The Times newspaper has passed on to us so that we can determine exactly what the appropriate steps are and so that we can address this matter head on."

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