Cork metalwork company creates stunning tribute to Michael Conlan

Sporting superstars are used to seeing themselves on billboards and posters but this is a likeness with a difference.

Michael Conlan has shared a portrait of himself on Twitter that is made entirely from perforated metal.

The unusual piece was commissioned by Conlan’s home boxing club Clonard ABC in Belfast and made by Graepels, a family-run company based in Kinsale.

A spokesperson said: "Graepels are delighted to have worked with McGurk Architects and JPM contracts on this iconic portrait for Clonard ABC.”

“This piece honours the success of champion boxer Michael Conlan, celebrating and paying homage to young Irish talent.”

They explained the technology behind the image.

“These Picture Perf panels were fabricated using CNC technology. Picture Perf is metal design at its best, offering a unique approach to perforating metal.

“The image was formed by punching four perforation sizes into the metal panels, which added shading and depth to the portrait.”

Conlan's image now stands proudly at the window of the Belfast boxing club.

Definitely much cooler than a billboard.

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By Grainne McGuinness

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