Conor McGregor opens up about his friendship with Drake

Conor McGregor has some very high-profile fans, and given the nature of celebrity there’s always opportunity there for a friendship to strike up. It seems that’s how Drake and the Notorious got to know each other.

Both stars shared snaps with each other on their Instagram accounts over the summer, and ahead of his historic fight against Eddie Alvarez overnight on Saturday McGregor explained to UFC’s Megan Olivi how the pair came into contact.

“I’m a big fan of Drake. I had a meeting with Jimmy Iovine of Apple and he invited me to the show. I’d spoke to Drake before the first Diaz fight – he reached out and messaged me – and we’ve been in contact since then,” he said.

“I went and met him backstage and he was a cool guy. Another man at the top of his game – it was a great night. I don’t know (if he’ll come to UFC 205), I haven’t spoken to him in a while. Maybe, I’m not sure.

“I know it’s $50,000 for a ringside ticket so you’ve got to be accomplished to be at these events these days.”

McGregor also gave his regular Mystic Mac prediction, this time envisioning a first-round knockout – a result that would see him become the first person to hold two UFC titles at once.

Ideally though, McGregor wants the fight to last the entirety.

Speaking about the cardio training regime he first implemented after the loss against Nate Diaz, ahead of the rematch, McGregor said of his improved stamina: “I’m sprinting in round five… there’s people coming in half way through my work and I’m still pushing harder than anyone in the fifth and final round. Part of me wants to show that to the fans, to everyone… I just don’t think he (Alvarez) has it in him. He’s too easily hit. You can smack him from anywhere.”

If Drake does appear to watch McGregor’s first fight at lightweight, he’ll be following in Kanye West’s footsteps after Yeezy was in attendance – and had a mix-up with Mike Tyson – during the Diaz rematch.

(Isaac Brekken/AP)

The McGregor v Alvarez fight will be shown on BT Sport on Saturday night.


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