College lacrosse team’s wonder goal tops daily best sporting moments list

A US college team has scored a lacrosse goal that would make a highlight reel at any level of the sport.

Matt Chlastawa of Bates College offered up the most delightful behind-the-back pass for his teammate Brendan Mullally, who duly pulled off the same trick for the finish.

The goal was so good it earned the top spot on ESPN’s SportCenter Top 10 – a daily collection of the best sporting moments across the world.

“We try to keep it really fun and creative and it’s neat to see those things work,” Bates coach Pete Lasagna told the Sun Journal.

The Bates team, known as the Bobcats, sealed a 21-8 victory over Keen State thanks to the wonder goal – their third triumph in a row in their college league.

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