Billy Joe Saunders' son punches and kicks opponent at weigh-in

Often it is fighters who come to blows at weigh-ins but today it was Billy Joe Saunders' young son who was throwing his weight around.

As Saunders and opponent Willie Monroe Jr squared up on the stage ahead of their WBO middleweight fight, son Stevie - reported to be seven - stepped in between them.

It what initially appeared to be a friendly appearance, promoter Frank Warren put his hands on Stevie's shoulders and Monroe ruffled his hair, prompting the boy to hit Monroe below the belt and then aim a kick at him before being ushered away by security.

All the while, his non-plussed father flexed his muscles to the camera.

Defending his son's antics, and suggesting Monroe's head pat was more than that, Saunders Snr tweeted: "My sons been taught when A stranger puts their hands on them they don't know punch and run away self defence."


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