A squirrel made its way on to the field in a college football game and the commentary is perfect

As Kent State were taking a bit of a hammering from Louisville in a college football game, a grey squirrel took to the field to show them how it’s done.

Commentators and cameras picked up on the furry creature making its way across the field during the game which saw Louisville triumph 42-3, and its next move was eagerly anticipated by everybody.

Would it make it to the end zone?

With literally nobody in its way, the squirrel recorded some serious yardage with remarkable tenacity.

“Hey look at him go! The 20… Wes he might do it, Wes he’s gonna do it!” yells commentator James Bates, before going on to say: “Man, he’s my favourite squirrel.”

However, while thousands have enjoyed watching this athletic animal, some were concerned for the creature, which was probably a bit intimidated.

It would take a sack-load of acorns to tempt this squirrel to the NFL if that’s the case.


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