Joe Ward adds silver to his World Championship medal haul after defeat to familiar foe

It’s a familiar end to the World Championships for Joe Ward as for the third time in a row, he’s been unanimously defeated by Julio Cesar La Cruz, writes Stephen Barry.

The Cuban world number one sealed his fourth World title in a row, adding to his Olympic, Pan American and Central American gold medals.

Ward will settle for another World silver, adding to his 2015 runner-up finish and his 2013 bronze.

Ward was defeated by the same opponent in 2015.

The Moate southpaw went on the front-foot to try to disrupt his familiar adversary and had the champion on the canvas in the opening seconds in Hamburg, but it was a push rather than a knockdown.

The elusive La Cruz, fighting with his hands down by his side for most of the bout, settled into his counterpunching style early on.

He caught Ward as he sought to corner his opponent, making Ward miss and catching him as he moved away.

That trend continued through the fight, with La Cruz landing more easily than Ward in most exchanges.

In the end, two judges gave all three round to La Cruz, 30-27, while the other three ruled it 29-28 for the Cuban.

Ward adds his third World medal to his three European golds, and all at the mere age of 23.

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By Stephen Barry

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