Rory Gallagher insists social media had nothing to do with Donegal resignation

Former Donegal manager, Rory Gallagher has insisted that social media had no impact on his decision to resign, writes Ciara Phelan.

The 38-year-old has come under fire after Donegal's sobering championship exit and his decision to resign on Tuesday brought an end to a seven year association with the team despite having another year left in the role.

Rory Gallagher who called time as Donegal manager on Tuesday.

Donegal goalkeeper Mark Anthony McGinley tweeted he was "extremely disappointed" with Gallagher's departure and hit out at "keyboard warriors", but in a statement on Monday, Gallagher said social media did not impact his decision to leave.

"I do not have Facebook or Twitter accounts. I have no interest in social media whatsoever. It has no impact on my life or my decision to step away from the senior team," Gallagher wrote.

Speaking on 2fm's Game On programme, Gallagher elaborated that what he hears doesn't effect the way he thinks about sport.

"I might lead a very blinkered life, but I’m not on social media. I have no interest in it whatsoever. I don’t see the attraction in it," he told listeners.

"You do hear stuff. Would you like it not to happen? Absolutely, but it doesn’t impinge on the way I think about sport or life."

In a statement posted on Donegal's official GAA website, Gallagher thanked management for their contribution throughout his time as manager and stated the new team will continue to need huge levels of commitment over the next number of years.

"A massive thanks to all the management and backroom who have supported myself and the players. Your contributions have been invaluable," he wrote.

"We understand fully the road we are on. It is the beginning of a new team. It will continue to need huge levels of commitment over the next number of years.

"To the players who I have coached and managed thanks for your hunger and desire to be better for Donegal. You should be very proud of yourselves.

"It made the training pitch a special place to be. We have had tough days and great days. Along the way we have had lots of fun."

You can read Rory Gallagher's full statement here.

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