New product for women the ‘Ladyball’ is provoking a very strong reaction

Women, are you ready for the Ladyball?

We sincerely hope that this is a wind-up.

Check out the ad for this exciting new product aimed at our delicate, fragile selves - a ladyball.

Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like - a ball made especially for ladies.

The product’s site says: “The idea for Ladyball came from personal experience when one of the creators tried various ball sports as a weight loss measure and found the regular (or as we like to call them “man-sized”) balls heavy, cumbersome and difficult to control.”

If you think that description is funny you really need to check out the rest of the site over at

Even more incredibly it is endorsed by none other than All-Ireland winner Ger Brennan.

“Like everyone else I have friends and family members who are women!” the Dublin star says on the site.

“My involvement with the GAA (Gaelic Athletics Association) has been so rewarding, that I want everyone to be able to experience the benefits no matter what their gender. I think it’s time for women’s team sports to have their day in the sun, there are so many great talented girls already involved, but if we could encourage more girls to join them maybe they will get the attention and recognition they deserve.

“I’m happy to endorse anything that encourages participation. Just don’t expect me to play like a lady!”

The product is provoking quite some reaction online.

BreakingNews contacted Ladyball to ask for an interview, with a spokesperson replying that they would be issuing a press release tomorrow.

What do you think? Surely, surely it’s a wind-up.


By Grainne McGuinness

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