It’s Dublin v Mayo, firefighters v bobybuilders, in our battle of the fan videos

It’s getting nearer, tickets are getting even scarcer, and fans are hitting fever pitch ahead of Sunday’s All-Ireland final, writes Stephen Barry.

The two best supported counties in the country won’t lack backing at Croke Park, something made clear in some of the fan videos that have been spreading across the internet.

So here are two of our favourites, Dublin v Mayo, firefighters v bobybuilders, in the battle of the fan videos...


The capital’s effort comes from the Dublin Fire Brigade, including some familiar former heroes of the Hill, Gerry Hargan, Darren Homan, Dean Kelly and Jim Bissett.


The westerners’ video comes all the way from Shanghai, where Castlebar native and international bodybuilder Blessing Awodibu converts a misguided Dublin fan.

So, the big question is who are you supporting, Dublin or Mayo?


By Stephen Barry

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