International Rules second test pitch barely within size requirements

The width of the Subiaco Oval pitch for tomorrow’s International Rules second test is barely the required size for the sport, writes John Fogarty.

A measurement taken of the field earlier today showed that the size is roughly 80 metres from sideline to sideline, which is the minimum size for the game.

According to the rules of the hybrid sport, the dimensions of the field are as they are for Gaelic football and hurling – between 80m to 90m in breadth and 130m to 145m in length.

Speaking yesterday, Joe Kernan said Ireland would measure the breadth of the field having expressed concern that the Adelaide Oval might have been too narrow.

“I’m sorry we didn’t get the measurements but we’ll certainly be measuring it tomorrow (Friday) evening when we go out to the stadium. Whatever the rules say they (dimensions) are, it’s up to both groups to check and see that the rules are being followed. If it was okay, so be it but I just got a feeling that it looked a bit narrow.”

Kernan is expected to make a decision on his match-day 23 later today. Niall Murphy and Enda Smith are expected to be fit to play while Darren Hughes flew from Ireland earlier this week to replace the injured Pearce Hanley while Cork’s Ciarán Sheehan has also joined up.

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