I don't crucify myself after losses, says Brian Cody

Kilkenny manager Brian Cody says he remains confident in the talent pool around the county heading into 2018.

The Cats lost to Waterford in the qualifiers this season while the season before they were beaten by Tipperary in the All-Ireland final.

Speaking at today’s Top Oil Leinster Senior Colleges Championship draw Cody expressed his satisfaction with the squad of players he has.

"I don't crucify myself at all because I would feel that I would always, while things are going ahead, that I do believe that we would always have worked hard and done everything that's humanly possible," he said.

"Whether you could do things better, obviously, you can always do things better and of course we'd question every aspect of our preparation and everything else.

"But it's over and it's done with, and I know some people talk about how it takes months to recover - it doesn't take me months to recover at all.

"To be honest about it, I would always have a real positive sense of the potential for the hurlers that we have in the county, and it's our challenge to try and maximise that."

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