Eamon McGee: 'No logic' to claim 'piss-ups' cost Gaoth Dobhair their All-Ireland chance

By Stephen Barry

Eamon McGee has dismissed criticism of Gaoth Dobhair for enjoying "multiple piss-ups" after winning the Ulster Club SFC title.

Former Mayo footballer David Brady tweeted that those drinking sessions cost the Donegal club in their four-point All-Ireland semi-final defeat to reigning champions Corofin - a game that happened 11 weeks later.

"They will when the dust settles & time passes in a quiet moment ask did they pass up the opportunity of a lifetime..Was there anything they could have done extra..Posting Multiple piss ups won’t win you All Ire[land] & that’s not what winning is about.." he wrote.

However, Gaoth Dobhair players were quick to dismiss Brady's accusation.

“As I learned at Brian Cox on Saturday, the universe is finite and we’re talking about a David Brady tweet for two days here, going into day three,” McGee told OTB AM.

“There’s just no need for it. When Brady sits down and thinks hard about it, he’s going to realise that there was no logic to his point at all.

“He doesn’t know how hard we’ve trained, he doesn’t know the preparation, the video work we’ve put in.

“Kevin Cass[idy] would have been posting multiple videos the time we won the Ulster. He was possibly Gaoth Dobhair’s best player on Saturday. It didn’t affect his performance.

“I just don’t see the logic in his point.”

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