Dublin and Galway fight again in Boston hurling exhibition

If you thought the hurlers of Dublin and Galway would be on their best behaviour for their return to the AIG Fenway Hurling Classic in Boston, you thought wrong, writes Stephen Barry.

The two counties were involved in a ‘donnybrook’ (American version of a shemozzle) two years ago when the Super 11s format was first brought Stateside.

Last night, the rematch between Dublin and Galway in a semi-final saw those scenes repeated early on, albeit on a smaller scale.

It’s truly amazing how heated this pair get over an exhibition game!

John Hanbury of Galway in action against Paul Crummey, left, and John Hetherton of Dublin during the AIG Super 11s Fenway Classic. Photo by Brendan Moran/Sportsfile

There were some moments of magic for spectators to bask in on the day too.

How about this for a spectacular triple save from ‘penalty corners’ (a replacement for ‘65s) by Clare ‘keeper Andrew Fahy to hold out Tipperary?

Clare’s Tony Kelly showed Tipp how to do it at the other end…

There was this drop-shot finish to a brilliant team move by Pádraig Brehony…

But the strength and skill of Peter Duggan, who scored 52 points between the two games, sealed the title for Clare…

Clare players celebrate at the AIG Super 11s Fenway Hurling Classic in Boston last night. Picture: Emily Harney/Inpho


By Stephen Barry

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