Brogan: Mayo will test Dublin defenders in one-on-one battles

Dublin legend Alan Brogan believes the Dubs should fear Mayo ahead of the All Ireland final.

The Boys in Blue will face a battle hardened Mayo at Croke Park on September 17 - the side who took them to a replay in last year's decider.

Alan Brogan

Brogan thinks manager Jim Gavin will be worried by Dublin's lack of a real test this summer.

"If there is any little cracks there...those cracks don't appear until you're put under real pressure in a game and Dublin haven't come under that pressure yet.

"We saw Kildare cause Dublin loads of problems down the middle. Daniel Flynn went in for a goal chance - if he had got that goal that game could have been different.

"I think there is little things there that Jim probably will be worried about.

"None of the Dublin defenders have really been tested one-on-one. You can be sure Mayo are going to do that."


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