All-Ireland final to be broadcast on outdoor screen in Dublin

It is reported that Dublin City Council has been persuaded to show this Sunday's All-Ireland football final on a big screen in Smithfield.

Officials had initially said the screening would cost too much and that bad weather has meant many people had not turned out for the event in the last two years.

However, Sinn Féin Councillor Janice Boylan believes it would be €40,000 well spent.

"The community deserve to be able to see that DCC are caring enough about those that can't get to the game, that they wanted to show it," she said.

"Fair enough the last couple of years have been torrential rain but I myself stood down there last year and the year before as well. The atmosphere was electric - it's absolutely brilliant," she added.

Mayo challenge Championship holders Dublin this Sunday with throw-in at 3.30pm.

The two teams also met in the final last year.

The clash will be preceded by the minor final between Derry and Kerry at 1.15pm.

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