GAA to scrap restriction on new kick-out rule

By Stephen Barry

The GAA are reportedly set to scrap part of an experimental rule change to Gaelic football designed to allow only four players in midfield to contest a kick-out.

The proposals, issued last month, include a restriction on consecutive handpasses, an expansion of the mark, a sin-bin and a forward-only rule for most sideline kicks.

However, the kick-out rule, which has been tested in early-season college games, has been deemed unworkable without slowing the game to a standstill, according to an Irish Sun report.

Instead, a simplified experimental change will be proposed, which forces kick-outs to travel past the 45m line - effectively an extension of the existing 21m rule.

Goalies will be allowed to take kick-outs from the 21m line, as opposed to the 13m line.

There will be no restriction on where players can line up for those kick-outs.

It's planned that the rules will be trialled on an experimental basis during the 2019 Football League and then be considered for approval for the 2020 Championship.

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