Dean Rock says GPS incident was 'irrelevant'

Dublin footballer Dean Rock says he was not aware of a GPS tracker being thrown in an attempt to put him off at Sunday's All-Ireland Football final.

The match winner was not affected by the effort to unsettle him and converted the 76th minute free into a point.

Lee Keegan looks set to escape punishment for throwing the item in the path of the Ballymun man.

The Ballymun Kickhams attacker was focused on his own technique.

Rock told Newstalk's Off The Ball: "I didn’t notice anything at the time or anything so it’s irrelevant really.

"You get the bit of verbals when you’re kicking free-kicks and that’s all natural.

"I was just concentrated on my own strike and the execution of my kick and once I did that I knew the ball would go over the bar.

"You just take it in your stride. As I said, it’s irrelevant so there’s no major issue with it."

Philly McMahon laughed the incident off in an interview with 98FM: "The must have loads of money to be throwing GPS units away or else they're cheap ones because we wouldn't be throwing ours away. We know how much they're worth.

"I wouldn't think too negatively about it, it what he's tried to do so his team could win the game, fortunately it didn't work and Dean kicked it over."

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