Beckham to donate PSG wages to charity

David Beckham said his move to Paris St Germain is all about the football as he pledged to donate his salary to charity.

The former England captain is at the tail end of a successful career which has seen him become a multimillionaire and win 115 caps for his country.

Beckham, 37, said his five-month contract will raise “a very good figure” for a local children’s charity. It would be a “unique” fundraiser, he said.

The charity has not yet been decided upon.

Beckham told a press conference in Paris: “It has always been about playing football.

“I have been very lucky throughout my career to have achieved what I have achieved and earned what I have earned thought out my career.

“We decided on something that is quite unique – throughout this time now, we have decided that I won’t receive any salary.

“We have decided my salary will go towards a local children’s charity in Paris - that is one of the things that we are very excited and proud to be able do.

“It is something exciting and something I am not sure has been done before. It is something I am very passionate about – children and the charity side of things – and so are the club. It all came together and it is something special.”

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