You can now make a Game of Thrones cape thanks to IKEA

By Steve Neville

As you'd expect, Game of Thrones is a pretty big budget show.

But even with all that money behind it, they try to save costs where they can.

Michele Clapton, a costume designer on the first five seasons of the HBO show, revealed in a talk at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) that they used IKEA rugs as capes on the series. (Skip to 27.20 in the video below)

Well now you can go full Stark and be ready to join Jon Snow's armies with a cape of your own, thanks to the IKEA Norway Facebook page.

They've shared how to make a cape with just a rug and a scissors that will certainly keep you warm in Winterfell.

All we need is some Dragonglass and we'll be ready to fight the White Walkers.


By Steve Neville

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