Will Ferrell snubbed Ryan O'Shaughnessy at this year's Eurovision

Fresh from Eurovision, Ryan O'Shaughnessy joined Ray D'Arcy this afternoon to speak about all things Eurovision.

From China censoring his performance, missing his flight home to being snubbed by Will Ferrell, he had a lot to say.

Ryan didn't know that Will Ferrell was over in Lisbon until photos began to appear on social media over the space of the week.

So, when the 25-year-old spotted him walking the blue carpet he decided to approach him for a selfie of his own but was told 'no, no, I've already seen the Irish, don't want any more of the Irish".

Sadly, Ryan arrived too late to the event and singer Janet Grogan grabbed what turned out to be the only 'Irish selfie'.


But that didn't dampen spirits as he told Ray that he missed his flight home on Sunday morning having gone out after the Eurovision Saturday night.

Well deserved, Ryan.

By Anna O'Donoghue

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