Watch: The moment Tom Cruise broke his ankle while filming Mission Impossible

Back in August of 2017, it was announced that filming of the latest Mission Impossible movie had been shut down because actor Tom Cruise broke his ankle while filming.

Filming has resumed on MI6: Fallout to meet the July 27 release date after giving Cruise time to recover from his injury.

Tom Cruise filming Mission Impossible Six. Pic: Graham Norton Show YouTube

In a recent appearance on the Graham Norton Show, Cruise, along with co-stars Henry Cavill, Rebecca Ferguson and Simon Pegg gave fans a few more details about the movie including some behind the scenes footage.

Some of the footage included the moment Cruise broke his ankle while jumping between buildings.

“Everyone thought that was the stunt; I was going to run across and hit the side of the wall and pull myself over,” he said.

The clip is shown from multiple angles, and it’s very clear the Cruise did some serious damage to the foot.

What we liked most, and as Graham Norton said it’s why he "gets paid the big bucks", is he gets up and tries to keep going, despite saying himself he knew the ankle was broken almost immediately.

By Greg Murphy

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