Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews enlist Cork expert to help them and their baby sleep

Celebrity couple Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews have had to call in an Irish sleep expert to help them and their baby son get some much needed shut eye.

The first-time parents needed to draft in the experience and advice of renowned child sleep specialist, Lucy Wolfe of Sleep Matters, which is based in Cork, to get six-month-old Theodore back into a resting routine.

Ms Wolfe revealed: “Vogue reached out to me just over a week ago, after a very poor run with Theo's sleep.

"The night before we chatted, he had only slept for 90 minutes all night long.

“Before this he had slept quite well for them but following the four month regression his sleep went out the window which can happen. He was resisting naps and only napping for a short period of time.

“Overnight, he was waking hourly and sometimes staying awake for long periods, too.”

The model, DJ broadcaster and reality TV star contacted Ms Wolfe, thanks to the advice of a cousin recommending the Cork woman’s skills.

“We did our consultation over FaceTime and after a review of Theodore’s history notes, I made a number of adjustments similar to the ones that I make with families that I help.

“I could see that he was in an overtired cycle, and recent feeding changes from breast to formula and the recent introduction to solid food, all needed refining. So, I changed the layout of his day and created my feeding and sleeping balance to the day.

“I also adjusted the proximity of the final feed at bedtime and I put supports in place to help the parents and Theodore as required.”

The specialist said that the changes to routines helped not only Theo to drift back to better sleep, but also his shattered parents.

"Thankfully, the changes that we made resulted in Theodore immediately starting to sleep through the night.

"Vogue has shared this success with her fans and they have responded positively.

“Many parents find themselves in this situation.”

As a result of her help and services, Wolfe's book, The Baby Sleep Solution and products Sleep Through Bed and Body Sleep Spray and Relaxing Rub, are now in high demand.

“The book has sold out everywhere and I am hoping that it may be in the number one spot tomorrow on the bestsellers list. [So far] It is listed as number one best seller on Amazon and new stock is expected online and in stores in the next week or so, such is the huge demand for it.

Sleep Consultant, Lucy Wolfe.
Sleep Consultant, Lucy Wolfe.

"It has created a much needed awareness of the sleep struggles that parents experience and for parents all over to know that safe appropriate and emotionally supportive recommendations exists.

“As a practitioner, I do not endorse cry intensive techniques and it is welcomed by parents to have an emotionally sensitive resolution to the sleep problems that they experience.”

Vogue, who divides her time between London and Dublin, posted and raved about Ms Wolfe’s work on her Instagram account.

“My cousin knows [Lucy] and recommended her to me. I spoke to Lucy. Theodore had his worst night sleep ever. Sleeping [only] 90 minutes.

“I started Lucy’s routine on Saturday night and even with a cold Theodore has been sleeping through all week. I actually can’t believe it! I feel like a new person. Thank you Lucy!”

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