Unseen photos of Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney found in the attic

Previously unseen images of Paul McCartney have emerged, giving an insight into his relationship with his beloved first wife Linda and Wings band members.

The photographs were discovered in the attic of renowned photographer Clive Arrowsmith.

The fashion and celebrity photographer took two black and white images at an album shoot in 1995. One shows the Beatles star in a warm embrace with Linda, who died three years later after a struggle with breast cancer.

Another, taken against a screen, shows Sir Paul appear to bungee jump with a guitar in hand.

A third image, taken at an earlier shoot in 1976, seesMcCartney playing around with his wife and Wings bandmates while dressed up with false beards.

Clive said re-discovering the pictures brought back happy memories.

He said: “They really capture the seminal moments of the shoot when it all came together. The fun we were all having, plus Paul and Linda’s closeness, it’s the naturalness of the pictures that is the key to their success.”

The photographs will appear in a special music edition of The Royal Photographic Society’s member publication The RPS Journal this month alongside an interview with the photographer.

Andrew Cattanach, the Journal’s editor, described Clive as “one of the world’s most celebrated fashion and celebrity photographers” and added he is grateful “that he has allowed us to bring these images into the public domain”.