Tommy Tiernan still Ireland's favourite comedian after Live at The Marquee

The man and the legend that is Tommy Tiernan took to the tent last night for a vigorous session of top-class comedy that left the audience hungry for more at Live at the Marquee 2017.

Striding onto the stage a little after 8pm, Tommy kept the show going until almost 11pm, with a brief interval in the middle and no warm up: sure he is hot enough.

In pensive perceptions of the world and its madness, Tommy discussed a number of topical issues such as refugees and abortion, while delving into the pot of madness that is his personal life to fill the rest.

Reminiscing of his very first professional gig in Cork, many moons ago, Tommy also mentioned gigging in a mart in Fermoy on a couple of occasions.

He certainly didn't pull his punches when it came to discussing Youghal.

A witty comparison of the GAA to soccer brought more that a few laughs, while a story about a wandering vagrant managed to move the crowds again to chuckles and smiles.

An emphatic hatred for old people proved a popular piece with the audience as did his musings regarding the possibility of his children being gay.

As usual, sex played a part in Tommy’s comedy line-up along with an articulate and unusually attractive description of cows, followed by a dart of detest for crows.

Coming back after intermission, the audience was treated to the revival of an infamous story of Tommy’s that appeared on his first DVD ‘Tommy Tiernan Live’ in 2002.

The joke about Declan Moffit from Glenamaddy going to London and bringing back oranges for his family before asking Tommy if he ever raped somebody and trying to run a marathon went down a treat with an audience of diehard fans enjoying the trip down memory lane.

As always, Tommy’s jokes bring some degree of insight into his head and mind and last night’s show was no different as he discussed meditating and going on a 10 day silent retreat.

The funny man continued with further hilarious recounts of events from dieting with his wife, to finding magical ways to help in the bedroom department.

The night finished up with strong comedic images that may haunt my mind for many years to come, but it was worth it for the laugh it got from me and the crowd.

A good night out and a solid performance by Ireland’s favourite comedian.


By Roisin Burke

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