These limited Harry Potter posters are gorgeous

The Harry Potter book and film series has more than a few fans worldwide, and that means plenty of most excellent merch to be found.

Olly Moss is one of the best movie poster fellas around and he's put together a limited edition series of prints for the entire seven film series. And they look pretty darn stunning.

Moss created new covers for a printing of the Harry Potter books which came out last year and these are some of the images which weren't used in that run. They're gorgeously minimal, with touches of the main story points and the everpresent bulk of Hogwarts looming in the background.

These prints are available directly from the site until the 25th of October and then they're gone forever. Actual printing and shipping will take a few months so the earlier you order the quicker they'll arrive. Maybe a good shout for Christmas!?

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