There’s a lot of dystopia around, says Charlie Brooker

Charlie Brooker has said he takes heart from how bad the world appears to be.

The creator of haunting dystopian scenarios in Black Mirror said that there is “a lot of dystopia around” in the modern age, but he is encouraged by people’s pessimism.

Brooker spoke to the Press Association at the Royal Television Society Awards in London.

He explained that despair at the world showed people cared and were paying attention.

Brooker said: “There is a lot of dystopia around at the moment.

“Strangely I tend to get more optimistic when people, generally, get more pessimistic.

“Because then I think it means that everyone’s paying attention to how f***** everything is.

“So weirdly, I’m surprisingly optimistic at the moment because everything looks like s***.”

Brooker added that Black Mirror sought to add more variety to its dark tone, saying: “We’ve introduced more elements of hope, only to snatch them away.”

- Press Association

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