Sue Perkins won Bake Off as she said there is 'nothing posher than a Viennetta'

For all the fancy things the contestants have to whip up while in The Great British Bake Off tent, it seems the national lust for an old favourite will never, ever die.

Case in point: during dessert week, Sue Perkins made a joke about Viennetta – that 1980s swirly, chocolatey ice-cream favourite that has a place in everybody’s heart – to Andrew Smyth.

He was in the midst of creating the marjolaine gateau for the technical challenge, a fancy layered French dessert comprised of meringue and filled with buttercream, praline and other tasty things.

The 25-year-old baker described it as “like a Viennetta, but posher”, to which Sue replied: “There is nothing posher than a Viennetta.”

Cue Twitter going into ice-cream meltdown as the Saturday night pudding favourite was mentioned on prime-time TV, taking people back to their childhood days.

The British urge for a Viennetta is so strong, people are not quite sure of the spelling but they just. Don’t. Care.

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