Snapchat star James Kavanagh responds to viewer who called him ’a disgrace to gays’

By Steve Neville

Snapchat sensation James Kavanagh was on the Late Late Show on Friday in a light hearted segment to reveal what it is in life that he and a panel would rather avoid and throw in the bin.

After the show, one viewer commented to complain about Kavanagh’s appearence, referring to him as ’a disgrace to gays’.

The tweet read: "#LateLateShow Are we all in agreement that self-proclaimed snapchat queen @JamesKavanagh_ is a disgrace to gays, reinforcing stereotypes and setting the gay agenda back 100 years #LateLate Why is she even on this show? we pay a license this is unforgivable #Shame on you #rte".

Kavanagh has since hit back at the comment on Instagram, posting a picture of the tweet with the caption: "Damn it! I hate when I accidentally set The Gay Agenda™ back 100 years. Sorry Liam, sorry gays 🤷🏻‍♂️ I promise to make amends. By Monday it’s business as usual for The Gay Agenda™: turn everyone into glittery drag queens (fave bit: THIS IS UNFORGIVABLE #SHAME ON YOU #RTE)"

Fans have been quick to praise Kavanagh and his response, with one saying "Seriously your a breath of fresh air".

Another responded on Twitter to say that she thought Kavanagh was "the most entertaining on the sofa & you came across really genuine & fun!"



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