Sinead O'Connor: 'I'm never going back to music - I'm happy to clean toilets'

Sinead O’Connor has announced that she is quitting the music industry.

The Nothing Compares 2 U singer posted a heart wrenching message to her Facebook page claiming that she will never return to making music.

“I need a new home. And a new job. A new life … Music is over for me. Music did this,” she wrote.

“It rendered me invisible. Murdered my soul. I’m never going back to music.”

Sinead underwent a hysterectomy during the summer and and has claimed the operation was such an ordeal with she is now suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

“Me and my PTSD, or depression, which ANY woman would be suffering from since this all kicked off in March and I dealt with it alone.”

“But I have a HUGE spirit which wants to live. And a HUGE heart full of love.”

The Bray native wrote that she is on the look out for new jobs as she leaves music behind.

“If you have a job for me, and a place to stay, where I can smoke, please let me know,” she said.

“I don’t need anything other than one warm room, and not to be living in a silent empty house. I’m good at writing.”

“I’m also a great cleaner.

“Im not a job snob. Happy to clean toilets. Have hard work ethic. I love people. I wanna socialise.”

“So all jobs will be considered … But Im a worker and I wanna graft. Kitchen jobs, waitressing … anything at all… if its sociable… and people loving.”

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