Ryan Tubridy posts selfie taken with ’old friend’ Meghan Markle

By Greg Murphy

Ryan Tubridy posted a picture of himself with actress Meghan Markel - a selfie taken at the White House three years ago.

"I mentioned ages, and ages ago, that back at the white house shamrock ceremony, which I loved - I was introduced to Meghan Markle as an actress in the TV show Suits. She was having coffee with a friend of mine.

"She was very very lovely and elegant and good fun. She was a very pleasant person to meet. I met her for about ten minutes in total. We walked from the W Hotel across the road to the White House and I said sure we might as well do a selfie for the craic."

Tubridy went on to clarify that, despite reports, the pair were "not friends".

"I mentioned this a few months ago, and it seemed to get into the ether that she was my ‘old friend Megan Markle it seemed to get out there that people thought I was seriously her friend.

"I met her for about six and a half seconds.

"I’ve been getting calls from the UK since she got engaged to Prince Harry asking me to take part in documentaries and I had to explain that I met her for seconds.

"There has been a terrible mistake, and I was joking!

"I do wish her well, and she was very lovely and good fun, and I think he’s a lucky man."


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