Rick & Morty fans celebrate series three of the animation

Fans of Rick & Morty have celebrated the return of the animated sitcom.

The series came back for a third outing more than a year and a half after the second season finale.

Boston Manor singer Henry Cox tweeted: “You either like Rick & Morty or you haven’t seen it yet; there’s no alternative.”

Another fan wrote: “Everyone: ‘It’s Game of Thrones night…’ Me: ‘IT’S RICK AND MORTY NIGHT!!!!!!'” while another said: “New: Game of Thrones AND Rick & Morty, this week has started very nicely.”

The show’s creator Dan Harmon, who was also responsible for Community, trumpeted the return by writing: “HAPPY RICK AND MORTY DAAAAAAAY.”

The series follows the various adventures of the cynical scientist Rick Sanchez and his fretful grandson Morty Smith, who divide their time between family life and inter-dimensional adventures.

The first episode of series three of Rick & Morty is streaming on Netflix now.


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